Sun Country Trailers are handmade and built to last. Our car carriers are designed and built with an all tubular ¼” wall frame, which provides extra strength and stability. Sun Country Trailers are easy to operate and also come standard with 1” punched floors, which provide fast, secure tie downs.

In most cases new trailer orders take an average of 8-10 weeks for completion. This timeline is subject to change according to demands. However, our dealers may have inventory available.

If you are interested in having your new trailer shipped to you, we can recommend a reputable third-party carrier for you to contact for a quote.

All new Sun Country Trailers come with a full one-year warranty that covers the structure while our vendors have warranties that cover pre-assembled parts with the exception of wearable parts such as brakes.

All Sun Country Trailers are finished with a high quality, durable, Powder Coat application. We may be able to powder coat trailers to match your truck’s color code but there may be a delay. There will be additional charges for custom colors which varies by color.

We have several models that would work well for this application especially since all of our trailers are built 102” wide. Just ask which models can be outfitted with our trailer track package – which includes 4 ball towers.

Yes! All Sun Country Trailers come standard with 1” punched floors so you can use soft straps to tie vehicles directly to the floor of your trailer over the tires.

If you change your truck, you may need to adjust your trailer to ensure that it pulls level and that all connections, (hitch, electrical, etc.), operate safely and correctly. Please give us a call before your change your truck so we can help identify any items that may need to be addressed.

Oil bath hubs need minimal maintenance; check the oil level during your pre-trip inspection to make sure that the oil is to the fill line. All grease-packed hub bearings should be serviced every 12,000 miles or once per year.

Depending on the environment you can change the filter & oil, (32 weight hydraulic fluid), every 6 to 12 months.

Make sure to apply graphite lubricant to all moving parts, (posts, ramps, etc.), on a regular basis. Lube points in suspension per maintenance schedule in operation manual received upon pick-up of your New Sun Country Trailer. Contact Parts & Service with any other questions or to purchase parts at (602) 268-6406